Function description
* Release a door access by authorized valid MF1 card which could limit the access right of users and increase the security level.
* Touch keypad reader for your choice. To protect user’s privacy, a pretended code that contains the true one can be used for opening.
* Support NFC mobile phone opening.
* Door access, hotel lock and lift can be operated with one card, which is very convenient for users
* Normal open and Normal close can be set easily for special case.
* Can set automatic opening during user-defined period, and one reader support multi locks.
* The latest 1000pcs opening records can be tracked. When power fails, records can be still saved well for at least 10 years.
* With water-proof function (optional).
* Relay release time: 0-35 seconds adjustable.
* Connect with fire alarm device, could release the lock automatically upon signal.
* Could connect with Open door switch and Video door phone for opening.

Power DC12~15V stable power supply
Store temperature / humidity -20℃ ~ +80℃ / 10~95%RH
Working temperature / humidity -10℃ ~ +70℃ / 15~90%RH
Reader working current <150mA
Card type Mifare one series IC card
Card reading distance 0-50mm
Reader dimensions 13.0cm×6.0cm×2.2cm
Opening record The latest 1000pcs records
Maximal output 3A
Workable lock type Rim lock, electromagnetic lock, electric strike