Introduction of LEVEL hotel lock management software (?? version)

* Could check opening records of some management cards, not only lock’s records.
* Translate the software to use your local language.
* Software is workable in touch screen PC which runs Windows Operating System.
1. Works in WindowsXP/Vista/Win7 32/64 bit/Win8 OS
2. Guest card for suite can be set to open main entrance door + any doors inside the suite (1-8 doors).
3. Automatic read/write card function to speedup check-in.
4. Speedily search and report function.
5. Guest card could be replaced by newly programmed one.
6. Single check-in and Group check-in function.
7. Special card including Floor card, Building card, Master card, Emergency card, Spare card, Check-out card, Data card etc.

Extension menu (????? version)
1. Public door function.
2. Area card function.
3. One guest card could open maximal 7 rooms, host room and kith room
4. Special card could be replaced by newly programmed one.
5. Setting of User right, administrator could set different position and select each specified right for user.
6. Interface with Fidelio/Opera
7. Search and report for consumption bill.
8. Guest information register.
9. Room reservation