Armored lock for outdoor use
Stainless steel material, anticorrosive and antirust
Sealed PCB, water and high temperature proof
Cylinder inside, a double security
Stainless steel handle, type No.32
Battery box in back panel
Material: Stainless Steel
Optional finishing: SS
Workable mortise: SS M001, SS M002, SS M003

1.Power Supply: DC4.5 V-6.5V, 4pcs 1.5V LR6 alkaline batteries;
2.Static Current: < 20µA; Dynamic Current: <200mA;
3.Store Temperature: -20~+80?; Store Humidity: 10~90% RH;
4.Working Temperature: -10~+60?; Working Humidity: 15~90% RH;
5.Working Frequency: 13.56MHz
6.Card reading distance: 0-35mm;
7.Unlocking Time: Turning the handle to open the door after reading the card, if doesn’t
turn handle within 3 seconds, the door will be locked again automatically.
8.Low Voltage Warning: When working voltage is less than 4.8V, indicator will be in red
and buzzer sounded while unlocking. The lock can still be opened about 100 times before
batteries are replaced.
9.Weight: about 3.6 kg.

3/Selling point
A. Wide application range: can be installed on wooden or metal door whose thickness >= 38
mm (US standard), >= 28 mm (EU standard).
B. Could use upgrading cards to change hotel mode to office mode freely.
C. Could check opening records of some management cards, not only lock’s records.
D. Could translate the software to use your local language.
E. Software is workable in touch screen PC which runs Windows Operating System.
F. With Public Door and Area Card function. One guest card could open maximal 7 rooms.
G. Stand-alone intelligent lock without cable connection, made up of intelligent card,
intelligent lock and management software.
H. Single version or network version software for your choice, easy and convenient to
install and use, could interface with very famous PMS, including Fidelio, Opera.
I. One card solution, the same card for lock, car parking, elevator, building entrance,
time attendance, consumption system, staff management system etc.
J. Advanced backup system: special functional card to issue temporary guest card to avoid
the inconvenience caused to customers and the chaos for management.
K. Equipped with mechanical key for double security.
L. Low power waste, the static current can be ignored. The lock can be used for more than 1
year normally with 4pcs AA Alkaline(LR6) batteries.
M. Can be set as a Passage Lock (normal opening state), especially for conference.