1). Size: H200xW420xD370;
2). Color: lvory Black ;
3). Thickness: 1.2mm(body), 5mm(door);

1. International standard ADA digit keyboard and the advancing one time molding technology are adopted in manufacturing the box.
2.3-6 digit codes are for option.        
3. Supporting LED displaying and multiple operational massage, such as battery status, error tips and programming status.
4. With many accessories for option, such as emergency mechanical keys and emergency decoder.  
5. Two sets of code are provided: user code for guests and master code for management (optional).
6. Emergency decoder is equipped for higher management.      
7. Wrong codes input four times continuously, self-lock function of the system will be acted, safer and reliable.
8. Working mode: hotel mode.        
9 .Low power consumption: 4pcs 1.5V AA alkaline battery can be used normally for more than one year.